Noises Off 

Directed By Rob Nonni

Past Show | Spring 2017

Considered one of the funniest farces ever written, "Noises Off", was presented by the RCT in five performances over two weekends this past spring.  A play-within-a-play, "Noises Off" is a spectacularly funny comedy about putting on a comedy and has received award recognition both in London's East End and on Broadway. Taking its title from the theatrical stage direction indicating sounds coming from offstage, this play is a work of staggering theatrical genius, a repeating exploration of everything that can go wrong in live theatre…all at once and with perfect, split-second timing. 


Under the direction of veteran director and theatre founder, Rob Nonni, cast members, Kim Coombs, Dan Mazelis, Matthew Patalona, Jessica Alfaro, Stephanie DiPilla, Brad Barnhorst, Denise Hickson, Gil Lawley and Barney Stone, awed enthusiastic and appreciative audiences as they brought to life a manic menagerie, portraying a cast of itinerant actors rehearsing a flop called "Nothing's On".  With doors slamming, sardines flying, bags and boxes gone missing, and on and offstage intrigue figured into the plot…audiences felt thoroughly entertained!

Even between Acts, the audience had the chance to enjoy watching stage rotations that showed the technical challenge in producing this play – which required a complete set reversal. Acts I and III take place inside an upscale, English country home. In Act II, the audience watches the action from backstage; the set has been rotated 180 degrees.  The RCT’s productions are presented in a banquet hall converted to a theatre twice yearly. In order to accomplish the set reversal, the tech crew had to design and build a platform and wall flats rotated simultaneously by the cast and crew in between the Acts. The set reversal is amazing and is actually a part of the show that earned applause from theatre patrons.


As one of our elated theatre patron expressed, "Congratulations to the cast and crew of Noises Off. It was a wonderful production, excellently acted and staged. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to future productions." And we aim to deliver just that…as we plan for our upcoming Fall 2017 production of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”!  


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